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STORM has planted 100 trees with

Vision Mechanics started a Grove of trees in the Caledonian Forest to mark the giant puppet STORM project. These trees hold all our promises to tackle climate change and re-wild Scotland. Thousands of families witnessed our Sea Goddess’s journey. Join us and together we can plant trees and watch them grow into a beautiful forest. A hope of a better future for our children.


STORM, a ten metre tall goddess of the sea, has emerged from the deep to encourage us all to celebrate our seas, care for our coastlines and empower us all to put the environment first.

Two years in the making, STORM is a new feat of mechanical mastery created in response to the climate crisis by the formidable puppeteering duo Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel. 

Made from entirely recycled materials, the giant puppet STORM’s eyes are the colour of oyster shells, her hair thick strands of kelp, her voice the chorus of the waves. Aided by eight puppeteers, STORM will walk the streets of Scotland. She began her journey as part of Celtic Connections’ inaugural Coastal Connections Day in January 2020, as one of the first events to mark Scotland’s official year of Coasts and Waters 2020. Now, following a break as a result of the pandemic, STORM is due to walk again in late summer and autumn 2021.

STORM is our most ambitious, challenging, and politically resonant project yet, and we are so thrilled to introduce you to her.


Watch STORM Live broadcasts on our Facebook page. Follow our Facebook page to be notified of all future Live broadcasts as STORM travels around Scotland.

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Read all about how STORM began her historic journey by reading the FREE graphic novel.


Vision Mechanics created the STORM project. This world famous company leads in encouraging communities to cooperate in the creation of original high quality arts projects. Events are staged all over the country in both conventional and site-specific environments with a strong emphasis on cross-artform collaborations.

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