Vision Mechanics leads in encouraging communities to cooperate in the creation of original high quality arts projects. Events are staged all over the country in both conventional and site-specific environments with a strong emphasis on cross-artform collaborations.


The Fantastic Life of Minnie Rubinski

Minnie Rubinski is a woman with strong opinions. In 1950s America, she forged her own path, breaking social boundaries, and now recalls her Fantastic Life – but what is real and what is fantasy..?  And does it really matter?

In the centre of the room a giant brain pulses. Wander though this organic landscape of trailing synapses and connect together Minnie’s  fragmented memories to discover her true and fantastic life. This unique production involves filmed memories using a cast of beautifully carved marionettes, placed in perfectly detailed period sets.



Update on Storm’s journey

Dear friends, We were due to reveal some Summer touring for our beloved Storm this week, but of course that’s on hold for now whilst we all…



Symon Macintyre

Artistic Director

Symon has a background in civil engineering, subsequently training in puppetry at Little Angel Theatre, London. He has spent the past 30 years working as a director, producer, performer and puppeteer. Most recently Symon directed, Dark Matter, a site-specific production which was selected as part of the 2013 British Council Edinburgh Showcase, which featured some of the most outstanding new work in the UK.

Kim Bergsagel

Creative Director

Kim trained at Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design and at the Little Angel Theatre and is a performer, designer and maker. Kim’s unique and beautiful puppet designs have led to commissions from across the globe for theatre, film and television. Kim designed and carved Big Man Walking and is currently developing a new site-specific production, Embrace, which will tour to Scottish outdoor venues in autumn 2014.


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Vision Mechanics is always keen to collaborate with talented individuals, partners and organisations. If you have a creative idea you would like to share with us with a view to a possible future collaboration or if you are a member of a community group and would like to look at the possibility of initiating an arts project, please get in touch. All suggestions will of course be treated as confidential.

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