Vision Mechanics presents an immersive Exhibition Theatre Installation.

You are invited to enter Minnie Rubinski‘s Brain then follow her pulsing synapses as you wander through an organic landscape of fragmented memories to discover her True and Fantastic Life.

Minnie Rubinski has reached a time of reflection and remembering.
A woman with strong opinions in an era of patriarchy she has forged her own path, breaking social boundaries, and now recalls her Fantastic Life – but what is real and what are fantasies….?
And does it really matter?

Audience/exhibition participants discovering this Fantastic Life will be placed in the centre of an extraordinary world.

This unique production involves filmed memories from her childhood to the present day, using a cast of beautifully carved marionettes, placed in perfectly detailed period sets.

It is a deeply meaningful piece created during the pandemic and inspired by Kim Bergsagel’s (Creative Director) experience of her mother’s rapid onset of dementia.
Adapted from fragments of phone calls and family anecdotes, this story is funny, sad and nonsensical.

“It has been important to me to explore her story and no doubt about it, this has been my therapy. Thank god for the arts. What a fantastic project. I can’t wait to share it!”
Kim Bergsagel

Previewing in August 2022 at our Great Junction Street Studio Theatre.

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