Vision Mechanics leads in encouraging communities to cooperate in the creation of original high quality arts projects. Events are staged all over the country in both conventional and site-specific environments with a strong emphasis on cross-artform collaborations.

Kim Bergsagel and Symon Macintyre are the creative partners behind Vision Mechanics. They met in London in 1978 working for the Little Angel Marionette Theatre. They are artists whose work is predominantly based around the stories of objects.  The objects can be figurative as in traditional puppets or landscapes as in the naming of hills and woods. The process often decides what style of puppet/object would be best to communicate the story, i.e. in forests they created giant wicker heads that hung on trees called, “Giants in the Forest”. On a beach they made a shipwrecked series of installations scattered across the dunes called, “Drift”.


Symon Macintyre

Artistic Director

Symon has a background in civil engineering, subsequently training in puppetry at Little Angel Theatre, London. For the past 35 years he has worked as a director, producer, performer and puppeteer, continually pushing the boundaries of conventional theatre and incorporating new technologies, to create bold, distinctive theatre events. He has created work for performance in living rooms, on city streets, on beaches, in back gardens, in forests and even in theatres.

Kim Bergsagel

Creative Director

Kim trained at Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design and at the Little Angel Theatre and is a performer, designer and maker. Kim’s unique and beautiful puppet designs have led to commissions from across the globe for theatre, film and television. Kim’s work for Vision Mechanics has ranged from designing and carving STORM, a 10 metre high sea goddess puppet, to creating exquisitely detailed micro marionettes for the Company’s current production, The Fantastic Life of Minnie Rubinski.


Tom Watton

Project Manager (Freelance)

Tom has worked with Vision Mechanics since 2015, joining as a producer for In Her Shadows. Tom is a free lance Events and Theatrical Practitioner, specializing in Production Management, Events Safety and Compliance. He has a first class honours degree in Events Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University.