Office Team

Symon Macintyre – Artistic Director

Tom Watton – Project & Production Manager

Catriona Smith – Administrative Assistance

Susan Wilson – Financial Administrator

Kim Bergsagel – Creative Director (Lead designer) 


Artistic Team

Sara Best – Lead Willower

Dave Barfoot – Lead Fabricator

Ingrid Scholes – Costumier

Tom Caine – Lighting Technician

Alice Knight – Maker 

Koren Dumbleton – Maker

Joseph Seal – Sound Mixer and Assistant Stage Manager

Mairi Campbell – Music and Soundscape Composition

David Gray – Music and Soundscape Composition

Gregg Dobson – Consultant Engineer (pre-fabrication)

Cameron Phair – Second Assistant Stage Manager


Volunteer Makers

Amy Shek

Fibi Cowley

Helen Bradburn 

Monika Wolf Murray

Puppeteers 2021 tour

Lead Puppeteer

Kim Bergsagel


Alice Knight

Catriona Smith

Dave Barfoot

Emma Reid

Ewan Macintyre

Jessica Innes

Lisette Boxman

Marie Williamson

Craig Sutherland

Nikoletta Louca

Rosamund McCormack

Rachael Macintyre

Patrice Bowler

Production Team 2021 tour

Charles Macintyre – Stage Manager

Russell McMahon – COVID Officer

Tom Watton – Production and Event Manager


Vision Mechanics Board of Trustees

Adrian Barber

Maddy Berg

Isobel Gray

Anne Fleming

Helen Milne

Caroline Lyon

Richard Thomas

Tom Watton

Marketing and Communications Team

Colin Purves (It’s Alive Design)- Website, Animation and Video 

Emma Westwater – Marketing Designs

Ray Kane – Videographer

Lorna Simpson – Videographer

StoryTelling PR – Marketing and Communications

Loukia Kattis (Comic Book/Program Design)


With Special Thanks to 

Shona, and the wonderful people at Nutscene, Forfar

Students and Staff of Edinburgh College and Glasgow Kelvin College

Particular thanks to Meggy Viana  (Choreography), Stella Tobia (Film/TV)

A.T. Best Handlers Ltd – Richard Rose, John Shute & Lorna

All the team at Visit Scotland and Event Scotland and in particular Sarah Jane Dooley

Creative Scotland – Vanessa Boyd

Arts and Business Scotland – Carl Wood

Jonny Crombie

Storytelling PR Team – Emma Costello, Miriam Attwood, Mim Black, Harry Harris

George Brown & Sons (Leith)

Addison Conservation + Design

Findlay Lockie

STORM’s internal engineering was remodelled from original work by Simon Owen and Vladimero Guerriero created for Big Man Walking, by Vision Mechanics.

A full list of location specific credits will be available on the relevant STORM event page.

Vision Mechanics Ltd is a registered charity SCO23585