Latest Giants in the Forest news

I  am so happy that we have two Biospheres as part of the Giants in the Forest Project. Dumfries and Galloway, and North Devon. They are both areas of outstanding environment. I await to see whether North Wales will  be able to raise the funds and join in the project because if they manage then all three UK biospheres will have their Giants to shout about how they encourage the growth and development of sustainable  communities.

In the meantime, spring gets closer and the heads are near completion. In each area our local project partners: Kilmartin House Museum – Argyll , An Tobar – Mull, Catstrand – New Galloway, The Eastgate theatre – Peebles , and  Bowhill Estate Selkirk are preparing a range of exciting activities to celebrate the arrival of the Giants in the Forest.

It is growing already!

– Symon Macintyre