Join us on a walk through the Dark Wood

Dark Wood is an autumnal celebration of the Giants in the Forest project and the life cycle of the Giant Heads who have been hanging and growing in their forest homes since spring.

What happens on these night-time walks?  Well, the event is different in each location, depending on the local landscape, native woodland, the art which participants have created over the duration of the Giants Project and the stories they want to tell.

A recent Dark Wood event took place on 5 October in Moine Mhor Forest, near Kilmartin in Argyll. The name, Moine Mhor, is Gaelic and roughly translates as “the Great Bog”.  It is one of Scotland’s National Nature Reserves and is managed by Scottish National Heritage. The surrounding area, around Kilmartin, is full of relics from times past, making this area one of the most important historical sites in mainland Scotland, with over 800 historical monuments, cairns, standing stones, stone circles and rock art.  So plenty to fire the imagination!

Our partner for the Giants’ Project in Argyll is Kilmartin House Museum and pupils from Lochgilphead Joint Campus have been active in the Project. 

Vision Mechanics is grateful to Scottish Natural Heritage for their support of all the Dark Wood workshops and events throughout Scotland.

Information on forthcoming Dark Wood events in October/November 2013 can be found at Dark Wood