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A large-scale immersive installation that captures our interdependence using real stories written by people living all over Scotland.

SHARE your stories with us. Tell us about the unexpected thing you did, that happened to you, the difficulty you overcame, the people around that helped. Sharing a story from YOUR HEART. We are not seeking a masterpiece or an epic saga, we just want to find the stories that inspire, HEART

Vision Mechanics believe the arts can help people gain confidence, realise their own value and the value of others around them. The core creative team – Kim Bergsagel and Symon Macintyre – have for nearly 30 years created work to spark imaginations and encourage participation in the arts.

Some of our previous projects…

The Big Shop – a pop up festival of community stories in empty high streets

Drift3D soundscapes played through installations on beaches across Scotland

STORM – The Gigantic 10m Goddess of the Sea created to remind us of the impact of climate change on our oceans

The Fantastic Life of Minnie Rubinski – a unique theatre installation, a completely new way of bringing audiences to theatre, a chance to step into a recreated brain to watch a 45 minutes immersive jigsaw puzzle recalling a fantastic life. 

Fill in the form and share your story with us.

If you’d like to use an alternative method to submit your story, please email info@visionmechanics.org in the first instance.

Our current timescale:

  •  9th January 2023 – we are ready to start receiving your stories  
  •  5th March 2023 (at 11.59pm) is the closing date for submissions.  Then we will start reading what you have sent us.
  • April 2023, we will get in touch with everybody whose story we may use in HEART and talk about WHAT COMES NEXT

To give you an idea of the kind of plans we have for these ten stories, watch the walk through for The Fantastic Life of Minnie Rubinskihttps://youtu.be/TUA_R3KTXfo

Share your story with us