Giants in the Forest coming soon

Phase 1: Research and development

In three secret locations across the country massive heads have been seeded with grasses and ferns and lichens. These Giants are organic test beds for Giants in the Forest. This will be Vision Mechanics’ amazing interactive project for 2012.

If the pilot is successful then we will build masks of clay and mud sown with local seeds and seedlings. In spring they will be hung in various woodlands throughout the UK. For a whole year these mythic sculptures will watch over the forest. Communities will record the changes as seeds grow and sprout, as birds build nests in them as the rain and wind crumble their features.

Across the country the giants will talk to each other though the web site, be photographed, collect stories about the local community. Then in the autumn as the leaves fall and frosts cause the heads to crack and crumble, ideas take root and words become action.