Giants in the Forest

Vision Mechanics has been awarded funding from the Year of Creative Scotland 2012 First in a Liftetime Investment Programme for our new project Giants in the Forest.

Giants in the Forest combines art, technology and the natural environment, to  inspire creative activity. Giant organic masks will be constructed, seeded and  suspended in forests across Scotland, where they will hang from April to  November 2012, growing and changing with the seasons.

The Project wants to encourage people from underparticipating groups to communicate their personal response  to the Giant Heads and their woodland environment, from selecting seeds and seedlings to plant in the Heads to taking part in a wide range of arts activities, leading up to a final event in each area in  November 2012, which will celebrate the life cycle of the Heads.

The Project will take place simultaneously in four Scottish rural areas, including Dumfries & Galloway,  Mull and Argyll Bute.  Areas will be able to share their responses with other areas via an interactive Giants in the Forest web site – to be launched soon, watch this space!

“The Project aims to connect people and their communities and invites them to  reflect on their relationship with the environment, the seasons, life cycles” says  Director, Symon Macintyre, who tested smaller prototype heads in 2011 in a forest in Argyll.