Giant Heads coming to Dunfermline

In recent months Vision Mechanics has been working in partnership with West Fife Community Support Service (WFCSS) Youth Team. The Youth Team provides support for young adults with learning and physical disabilities, enabling them to be active members of their local communities and to make a visible contribution to the benefit of others.

Members of WFCSS visited Vision Mechanics’ Giants in the Forest project at Falkland Centre for Stewardship and saw the Giant Heads hanging in the trees. They decided that they would like to create a similar installation to hang in one of their local parks.

Vision Mechanics held making/willow weaving workshops with members of WFCSS in October 2014 to create the Giant Heads. WFCSS has now found an ideal place to locate them – Dunfermline Public Park, where they will also be visible to passengers coming into town on the train.

The Giant Heads go up in Dunfermline on Friday 17 April. WFCSS members will plant them with a range of seedlings, herbs and flowers and then between 1-2pm, our trusted tree surgeon will raise them up in to the trees. Everyone is welcome to come along to have a look on 17th or you can visit them at a later date in the Park where they will remain for the next few years.  Or you can wave to them from the train!

Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland and The Co-operative Membership Fund both funded the Project, enabling two giant sculptures to be created. A New Arts Sponsorship grant from Arts & Business Scotland supported the delivery of additional project activities.