Drift: The Soundtrack. Pre-order your copy today!

Did you manage to see Drift this summer? A vital part of our critically acclaimed production was its soundtrack – a mesmerising mingling of soundscape, dialogue and song that immerses the listener in Betty Mouat’s incredible journey and gives an insight into her fascinating character.

In response to a large number of audience requests we have set up a campaign to raise money to release it as an audio-CD. Whether you were able to visit the show or not, we hope that you will soon be able to enjoy the unique experience of Drift in the comfort of your own home (or on a windswept beach of your choice!).

The music was composed by Eddie McGuire; libretto by Judith Adams; vocals by Gerda Stevenson; sound design by Nik Paget-Tomlinson and Niroshini Thambar. Just follow the link for more information and to pre-order the CD today