By Puppet Lab
    Produced by Vision Mechanics

    Owl, Badger, Squirrel, Pine Marten and friends all live in the woods. They love it there and they especially love Gerry, the Forest Ranger, who has a hard time looking after them and managing the forest.

    Gerry wants to win the tidiest forest in Scotland competition but there is a lot of waste to clear up. Meanwhile an owl in the nearby forest has gone missing…

    Schools performances as part of Borders Science Festival 2017 and

    Feedback from teachers & pupils, Argyll schools tour, spring 2015

    “A great way to excite the children about litter issues and about theatre”

    “Wonderfully entertaining & educating”

    “Great performance”

    “It was a beautiful play”

    “Wish I could see it again”

    “I liked all the puppets”

    “I liked when we got to stroke the rat”

    Twitawoo public performance on

    Saturday 20 May at 2.30pm at

    Cranshaws Village Hall
    TD11 3SJ

    For more information and tickets please contact

    Wendy Dawson
    01361 890384