In 2013 Vision Mechanics worked with local people in four urban areas to build a living, growing greenhouse. The interior of each greenhouse was designed and decorated to represent one of four rooms in a house – a living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.  Each room was turned into a “living, growing room” through the use of sculpture, plants and vegetables. The rooms were linked online with viewers able to follow developments and watch the plants growing.

The Project involved sculpture, design and making workshops as well as horticulture and cookery classes.

Green House took place at Depot Arts/the Concrete Garden (North Glasgow); Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline and Mayfield Community House, Armadale (West Lothian), over spring, summer and autumn 2013.

In March 2014 a Green House was installed in the garden at North Edinburgh Arts, as part of the overall redesign and development of the garden.

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