The Big Shop is a cross art-form community participation event which transforms local buildings, both used and abandoned, into performance spaces.

As the traditional high street shop vanished, we mourned their loss and the sense of community they gave us. The promenade of the high street seemed to give us opportunities to meet friends and neighbours and exchange stories of people, place and space.

The first Big Shop took place in 1999 in Nairn the home town of Vision Mechanics Artistic Director, Symon Macintyre. The community helped by writers and artists transformed empty shops into theatres and community members into the cast and crew.

It was an amazing success  and since then we have created a Big Shop in Forres (2002), Leith (2004) and in Inverness (2007). At each location local professionals teamed up with the Vision Mechanics team and held workshops in drama, design, technical skills, performance and music.